When the baby is born, skin pH is 7. The Acid Mantle which protects the baby's delicate skin takes a few weeks to 3 months to develop, the pH of the skin then becomes 5.5
Using baby skin care products with pH 5.5 like Sebamed Baby, helps to develop this protective Acid Mantle faster. Sebamed Baby range is free from soap & irritants and hence has 0% reported incidences of irritant reactions.
Baby's skin evolves from Day 1 to 5 years, hence it has different needs at different stages of growth. Sebamed Baby products ensures best protection at every stage.

Baby Skin Care Products

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Sebamed is the only brand that ensures that your baby’s skin remains the way it's meant to be. Using a baby skin care product that doesn't have a pH scale of 5 will alter the protecting acidic mantle of your little one’s skin. This may cause future harm because it depletes their skin of essential oils and alternative substances, leaving it open to infections. Sebamed products are developed by dermatologists and are ideal for all skin types together with sensitive and problematic skin. The company specializes in New Born Baby Products which are best for your child’s growth and development! These baby care online products are really something you should see for your baby!

Best Baby Skin Care Products with pH 5.5

Sebamed is a German company that manufactures specialized skin care products. The Sebamed product range has a pH level of 5.5. The pH of a baby’s acid mantle is 5, and traditional soap, that encompasses a pH larger than 9, will strip this protecting barrier.

Sebamed products are safe for babies skin as they maintain this pH value which is really important to maintain the soft and very sensitive skin for the babies. The right baby care products are important to keep your little one’s skin healthy and disease-free.

The pH value shows whether or not a liquid is acidic, neutral or a base (alkaline). The ph scale ranges from 0 to 14. The neutral point is 7. Values over this point denote bases, values below this point acids. The additional the worth is aloof from 7, the stronger is that the acid or base.

As the pH level has so many advantages, Sebamed products are, therefore, really important for the effective maturing of your child’s skin.

New Born Baby Care Products List

These are some Sebamed Baby Products which will be really effective for your child growth.

  1. Baby Cleansing Bar
  2. 100% soap-free, gentle body cleansing for fragile baby skin, keeping skin sleek and soft, minimizing the chance of dryness or irritation.

  3. Baby Protective Facial Cream
  4. The moisturizing complex prevents dryness, improves the barrier function of the skin and soothes baby′s tender skin.

  5. Baby Lotion
  6. This efficient emollient complex and moisturizer is rapidly absorbed for light security to safeguard baby′s sensitive skin and also against dryness. It’s free from parabens and silicone oil.

  7. Children’s & Baby Shampoo
  8. Ideal for cleansing the delicate and fine hair scalp of babies and kids, minimizing the chance of irritation or dryness. It’s a soap-free shampoo for your child.

  9. Baby Massage Oil
  10. Gentle care and protection of baby’s sensitive skin with ninety-fifth natural soybean plant oils.

  11. Diaper Rash Cream
  12. Promotes the development of skin’s acid mantle that protects the skin from an entry of harmful microorganism and prevents moisture loss.

  13. Baby Wash
  14. This gentle wash-active compound offers high skin tolerance for the extra light daily cleansing for a newborn’s delicate skin.

  15. Baby Cleansing Wipes
  16. Gentle, economical cleaning and healthful protection against irritation of the fragile baby skin, increasing infective resistance.

  17. Baby Bubble Bath
  18. It’s a tear-free and soap-free formulation with pH 5.5 that supports the event of the baby′s acid mantle and therefore the moisture balance within the skin.

  19. Baby Powder
  20. Helps to stop friction on baby’s delicate skin and reduces effects of rubbing and tenderness. The additional soft formula that helps in protective baby’s delicate skin against irritation. Prevents nappy/diaper rash.

New Born Baby Products Online Shopping

Following are some of the points which prove why Sebamed products are the first preferred choice for your baby.

  • All Sebamed products are clinically examined.
  • Traditional soap may help clean you, but It has a pH of between 9 to 10 which is too alkaline for sensitive skin, whereas Sebamed baby products have pH 5.5 which develops the acid mantle necessary to protect the baby's delicate skin.
  • The products are very effective for a baby’s skin. Sebamed provides great classy products and also fewer visits to the dermatologist.
  • Aesthetically appealing packaging
  • Reassurance on the box, bottle, and leaflet that these products are mild enough and safe enough for the most sensitive skin
  • Suitable from birth, and for moms too.
  • Non-irritant, and no tears formula
  • Easy to dispense bottles

Sebamed is a mother’s preferred choice to shop for baby products online in India. With a wide variety of baby products, you can choose the best that suits the requirement of your child. Our baby care products are available with various online sellers like First Cry, Amazon, Big Basket, Nykaa, Flipkart & Pay TM. Discover a range of Sebamed baby products from Baby Lotion to Baby Wet Wipes, From Baby Shampoo to Baby Diaper Rash Cream, From Baby Massage Oil to Baby Powder – to cater to the requirements of your little baby.

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